7 ways to make money with photography in 2020!

Taking photos is great. And even better these days, anyone can do it. What’s even better, is anyone can make some extra cash from it. We all have a smart phone, and most of us enthusiastic photographers have at least a half-decent DSLR... whichever device you use to take photos, realise that if you have a passion for it, there is no reason why you cannot make a little bit of extra money from it. Heck, you have definitely heard the “do what makes you happy” quip a million times. So if taking photos makes you happy, WHY NOT. Everyone likes money. If you don’t, this probably isn’t the article for you. Here are 10 ways to make some extra cash through doing what you love; 1. This is not specifically HOW to make cash, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to constantly improve your craft. The following items after this one require you work hard, put the graft in and practice, practice, practice. Or at least, be willing to do this! It is much easier to sell yourself with a good portfolio and skills in what you do. 2. Try friends and family first! These people support you, and want to see you succeed (for the most part). Offer up your services at a discounted rate! A lot of them will be willing to throw you a few quid, and help you build up that ever-important portfolio. 3. Offer your services locally. In this instance, think small! It is easy to get caught up in chasing that “big opportunity”, but realise that the little jobs help you in every way. Much like the friends and family, the people in your local area may be much more open to letting you do work for them than you think. In this case, use your socials to say that you are actively looking to photograph for people. You would be surprised how many people will take a chance on you just because you are local! 4. Use your socials. Get people sharing your items. Find a striking photo, and get it shared. This will inevitably help with your credibility. Makes this post something people can RELATE to. Whether that means it is related to current events, something iconic, or something people recognise. You need to give a reason for people to think that other people will enjoy it if they share it! (People are all about that validation!) 5. Approach businesses that you think you could make a real difference for (or just ones where you know their media is not up to scratch… I would not suggest opening with this gambit however). Businesses are the best people for you to work with in my opinion for many reasons. You will get to experience a multitude of different areas, you will learn how to be a better salesperson and there is a chance of ongoing work if you can build some rapport! Remember not to be tied down to one specifically though, you must play the long game. 6. Think about video. Now this one is a little far removed since it is not specific to photography, but chances are your equipment can double for video. Trust me on this one; it can be a very lucrative expedition if you are willing to put the graft in. I will not waste a huge amount of time on it, but have a think about it. 7. Get your face out there. Hiding behind emails and messages really is the easiest way to try to drum up business. Simple however does not mean effective. In 90% of the cases where I have managed to gain paying work, I have met the client face to face. This is extremely important not just for them, but for you too. This will give you an indication of how you should work, the expectations of the client, and much, much more. Find business events, networking brunches, conferences in your field and so on, and get yourself there with a stack of business cards. You never know what weird and wonderful items may come from this! Talk to everyone imaginable. Until the point you even annoy yourself with your own voice! These are just a few of my tips on how you could go about making some extra money from your photography venture. I could go on forever, but using this as a basis is a good start for any budding photographers looking to start themselves out on their journey. If you have any questions or want to chat more, please drop an email to and I would be happy to give you more detail. Thanks for reading!

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